Special Operator's War

He's the last line of defense against an enemy that threatens his homeland. He must risk everything - his life, his love, and even his sanity - to protect his brothers and sisters in arms. Captain David Leopold Drummond leads a special operations team tasked with a recon mission in advance of Operation Condor, a daring attempt to turn the invading enemy's flank. The mission does not go as planned.

Captain Drummond must improvise to overcome a deadly threat to the entire operation. But though he might survive the battle, an entire war lies ahead. Captain Drummond finds himself confronting a situation he never expected – battling not just the enemy, but his own demons, as he struggles to overcome the devastation that the battle caused to his own mind.

His last battle robbed him of nearly everything. Worse still, it's turned his country upside down. He'll have to start over, but he won't have to do it alone. Armed with the skills of a special operator, and a band of loyal brothers and sisters in arms, he'll fight back against the political intrigue that threatens his life and his family.

** Please note that this is an omnibus edition combining the entire Dreamer series into a single volume.

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