Dreamer: Part III - Reconnect

Now available on Amazon. In this continuation of the Dreamer series, special forces Captain David Drummond is on the run. After a complex medical procedure, he must find a way out of captivity and make quick decisions to ensure that he, Sarah and Abigail escape from the Chancellor's men before he can be recaptured. In the process, he makes new discoveries about himself and his new found family. He also finds that in this new world, trust is a fragile commodity.

The Dreamer series is series about Captain David Drummond, a special forces operative in the independent republic of Atlantia. Following a war with Atlantia's neighbor and chief rival, Dominica, Captain Drummond finds himself dealing with a severe and debilitating psychological condition that has dramatic effects on his memory. Captain Drummond must use his skills and tenacity as an operator to overcome not just his own problems, but also those of a country that still needs him