Book Review: Horizons by Mary Rosenblum

This book is set in a future Earth defined by a conflict between the World Council, the one-world government, and the Platforms, huge orbital space stations that have permanent populations. Those in the Platforms have evolved both physically and culturally to a point where they can no longer return to the planet they once called home. However, the platforms were built to serve the home planet, and Earth wants its due. Those on the Platforms, on the other hand, seek independence and the freedom to chart their own course.

Ahni Huang is the daughter of a major political power broker and wealthy industrialist. She is sent to one of the platforms to hunt down her brother, whom their family believes was kidnapped and murdered by a rival clan. Through a serious of intrigues and conflicts, Huang learns new and disturbing facts about her family and becomes embroiled in the politics of the Platforms.

The story is engaging and well-written, with believable, likable protagonists and hate-able antagonists. The bad guys usually have reasons for what they do, but not many people would consider them good reasons. The good guys always seem to do the right thing. Nonetheless, the story is engaging and interesting despite its shortcomings. It's worth a read if you enjoy science fiction that focuses on human development and evolution.