Book Review: Freedom's Fire Box Set

This is a review of Freedom's Fire Box Set: The Complete Military Space Opera Series (Books 1-6) by Bobby Adair.

I picked this title up at Amazon for only 99 cents, which is a great value for a six volume space opera coming in at 1423 pages. The story is set in the near future when a small group of telepathic aliens, the Grays, visit and conquer Earth, enslaving the human race. With anti-gravity technology and portable fusion reactors, the Grays have a decisive technological advantage that the Earthlings can't overcome with present-day technology. However, the Grays lack the basic creativity and ingenuity that is emblematic of the human race.

The protagonist is Dylan Kane, a slave who joins a secret army whose goal is to free mankind from the Gray's domination. There are many ups and downs as Kane fights his way through the books. The story is entertaining enough, and the writing is good. If you like space opera and protagonists who battle against long odds, this book will keep you engaged. Some of the characters are rich and interesting, like Kane's telepathic friend Phil and the irreverent Sergeant Brice. Many characters, however, are flat and stay undeveloped, like Colonel Blair, Kane's superior officer and constant antagonist. Despite these flaws, it is an entertaining read, and if you can pick it up for 99 cents it's well worth a look.

Here's the Amazon link if you're interested: